Sep 5, 2011


Just want to share my impressions from using wacom pens. Usually people are just more interested in the actual tabled device, which  undergoes big changes in every generation. The newer had always bigger resolution, more levels of pressure and some special buttons. I got all generations starting by first Intuos 1. All are solid products and great to work with. But for me more important is the pen.

The default one you got with your tablet is this chunky grip pen.

It feels nice in the hand but afters some years I realized that its lacking if more precise grip and some feeling that you really have an art tool in the hand.

After I bought the classic pen, its clear that this one is best for me. When you got a small hands as me the classic pen is is really delicate to work with.

my last pen is a art pen, looks like a felt pen. This one is special because its only pen by wacom that is rotation sensitive.That means that you can paint thick and thin just by rotating the pen in your hand. Its great for a bigger rough pictures. Which I'm not doing very often:)

As you can see I'm using Intuos generation 3. I got also the 4th gen but dint liked the small buttons, they are a bit flimsy so went back to third.

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