Aug 30, 2011

25 Most Influential Books Of The Past 100 Years

I found very interesting article about some special books. 

I was a bit nerd in the past and read a lot of books, still I finished only 7 from this list:)

 this one was best in my opinion, It made a deep impact on me. 

the craziest story I've ever read

and the saddest

Aug 29, 2011

HiFi addiction

Maybe my biggest hobby, or at least most expensive for sure. Some photos of the latest sound system, I went to fully digital music source, Mostly Flac music in 24bit/96khz. Already have about 1TB in HR quality.

 The whole system is controlled by Ipad running apple remote.

maybe the most important part, D/A converter Calyx from Korea

then the German Loudspeakers Audio physic Virgo

and the rest is mostly IKEA

Aug 24, 2011

Early Versions.

Here are some early stage pictures. About one evening work approximately. They are just in the phase that I was happy with the composition. I hope it will be interesting to see.

finished picture:

and here is the final:


Aug 21, 2011

Vintage War of the Worlds covers

I would like to paint a picture scene from this cult book in the future. I read it more times and I can say its really strong novel, very depressive and atmospheric. Here are some old book covers that would be great inspiration, some of them are amazing. 

It will be a nice victorian painting but I need to do something different,. some new approach comparing to those bookcovers. 

Aug 20, 2011

Music Inspiration

I would like to share some music that is helping me paint. I've realized that I can't do any good picture without some nice music playing in background. It helps me to find the inspiration and focus on work. Here are some tracks that I was listening to by working on my latest picture Ancient Spaceship.
Some  youtube tracks here:

Donald Byrd Christo Redentor

airto moreira -xibaba

Hans Zimmer - The Thin Red Line

Its all amazing music, thanks guys for recording it.

The Prometheus

 I'm really excited for the upcoming Prometheus movie. You can check some info here:

first movie posters probably fake

When I've seen the first alien movie, I was  amazed by the beginning mostly. The landing part on he alien planet and then the derelict exploration The atmosphere still affect me somehow till this day. The skeleton of the space pilot inside was so strange and full of questions that I'm waiting for some movie about him for years. Ridley Scott finally decided to make this movie.  As it will be released just next summer I've decided to not wait and make some my private concept inspired by this movie.

The expedition from Earth landing on the Unknown planet, possible homeworld of the Space jockey race

End Scene of the movie , The ancients arrived on the Earth which will not happen in the movie probably

The are just two done. but I hope I will make at least one or two more in next weeks. If you got any info about the movie or some nice ideas let me know.

more of my pictures and some feedback on those pictures is here:

Aug 15, 2011

Old Works 1

Some of my very old crap paintings from the time I was just learnig how to paint with tablet. It was hard at the beginning.

All were done in painter, which was bit a hard for me then. It has great brushes and paint effects but I was missing more precise control over the painting.  So I went to photoshop later and now I'm using only the PS

England photos August

Just came back from my visit of south England. I was again amazed by the country and the whole feeling of tranquility. Its really funny that many locals think its just boring place. So I really  see it in different way. Some of my photos.

this place is Seaford, really amazing cliffs and views

Joyride in Victorian English style

Worthing pier good, great for meditation in the evening. 

One special tunnel in horsham. almost mystical place. 

This was a place from another world. Just sun, water and rocks.

Aug 13, 2011


my two beauties, the white one is new. spend all my savings to it but its a great car.

first one

Just realized that I will be interesting to have some place to share my ideas or thoughts, so finally decided to make a blog.