Aug 20, 2011

The Prometheus

 I'm really excited for the upcoming Prometheus movie. You can check some info here:

first movie posters probably fake

When I've seen the first alien movie, I was  amazed by the beginning mostly. The landing part on he alien planet and then the derelict exploration The atmosphere still affect me somehow till this day. The skeleton of the space pilot inside was so strange and full of questions that I'm waiting for some movie about him for years. Ridley Scott finally decided to make this movie.  As it will be released just next summer I've decided to not wait and make some my private concept inspired by this movie.

The expedition from Earth landing on the Unknown planet, possible homeworld of the Space jockey race

End Scene of the movie , The ancients arrived on the Earth which will not happen in the movie probably

The are just two done. but I hope I will make at least one or two more in next weeks. If you got any info about the movie or some nice ideas let me know.

more of my pictures and some feedback on those pictures is here:

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